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wenatchee mts.

The Wenatchee Mountains are located in central Washington and stretch from the Cascade Mountains to the Columbia River. They are flanked on the North by US Highway 2 (Stevens Pass Highway) and on the South by Interstate 90.   US Highway 97 cuts across the range from Ellensburg to Leavenworth.


The range is made up of serpentine, sandstone, basalt, granite and a little limestone.  After the Columbia River Plateau and the Olympic Mountains, the Wenatchee has the highest number of endemics in the state.  On this page I will try to show photos of some of these and others of special interest to the rock gardener.

For a more detailed discussion of the Wenatchee Mountains see A. Kruckeberg and C. Leuthy, Bulletin of the American Rock Garden Society, Volume 49, pp. 163-168 and for plant propagation see S. Doonan, ibid., pp. 193-206.

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