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Study group meetings and workshops are organized from time to time but are not scheduled events.  Please follow announcements in the event calendar, our newsletter, and on Facebook.

study groups
Primula Study Group

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Hepatica are one of the most beautiful late winter to early spring woodland gems and they give us a feeling that spring is on its way. In Japan, Hepatica are called 'Yukiwarisou' (雪割草), which means 'breaking-through-the-snow flowers'.

Common types of hepatica flowers are single blue, pink, and white but thanks to recent breeding efforts, there is a great variety of colors, shapes, and leaves. We are a small Hepatica study group that shares our passion for growing and enjoying this plant. 

some of our past workshops

by Mary Ellen Asmundson

At a NARGS Workshop held at Mt Tahoma Nursery in July, Rick Lupp showed interested NARGS members how he grafts daphnes.  Rick has had years of success with hundreds of grafts using his methods.  He assured everyone that the simple techniques he was demonstrating would apply to other woody plants. 

by Mary Ellen Asmundson

Ted and Sandy Milam gave a workshop on the basics of building a rock garden to me and other interested NARGS members on August 18 at the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens in Everett.

pictures from some of our past workshops
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