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In the fall of 2013 at our annual banquet, some good friends and members of the Northwestern Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society (NWNARGS) who admired Hepatica decided to found our study group. The following spring, the first meeting was held, and since then we meet several times a year to talk about Hepatica.

The NWNARGS Hepatica study group is a mix of serious amateurs and horticultural and nursery professionals who get together to study and share information about growing, propagating, and breeding Hepatica in the Pacific Northwest. Our activities include meetings, show and tell, garden tours, and plant and seed exchanges. We also annually import Hepatica plants from overseas (Japan) as a group, so our members are able to benefit from our group buying power and to obtain a larger variety of Hepatica at reasonable prices for their enjoyment.

Semi Double Japanese Hepatica grown from seed.

Photo by Saori Cretin

In addition to Japanese Hepatica, our group members also actively study other Hepatica species from around the world, including the rarer and double forms of H. nobilis.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful Hepatica grown by our members as well as some scenes of our study group meetings. We welcome all NWNARGS chapter members to join us!

Our members are informed of details of individual meetings and events as their dates approach though email. If you are interested in more information, please contact Saori.

Double Japanese Hepatica grown from seed.

Photo by Saori Cretin

pictures from the hepatica study group

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