Our talented chapter members are always more than happy to share information, ideas, and expertise with others. Following are just a few of the many interesting and creative projects they have undertaken. 


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Experiments in Rock Gardening:  Raised gravel planters
Claire Cockcroft


For several years,  shallow sand beds framed by 2"x8" lumber and sited on the north side of my house, proved to be good platforms for staging pots of rare plants, seedlings, and temperamental primulas and alpines.  The plants liked the low beds, but my back and knees told me something had to change.  Inspired by fellow club members' sand beds and raised planters, I decided to build planters that would allow me to view and tend pots more comfortably.

Two Takes on Styrofoam Trough Making
Kendall McLean and Dale Greer


This project features two separate articles by members of NWNARGS on how to make planting troughs from Styrofoam containers. The first originally appeared in the NWNARGS Newsletter in 2018, the second was written especially for this Web site. Enjoy!

Project 3: How to graft conifers
Andrew E.


Content coming soon!

Project 4: How to sharpen your pruning shears
Matthew S.


Content coming soon!

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