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Inventorying the Rock Garden at the Bellevue Botanical Garden

Inventorying the Rock Garden at the Bellevue Botanical Garden was a lot of fun. There was a great turnout of volunteers, in fact so many that the entire inventory was done in one day, rather than the three sessions scheduled.

Sorry to those people who wanted to help with the inventory and had planned on attending a later session. As you know, our NARGS chapter is helping the Bellevue Botanical Garden rejuvenate its rock garden by acting as a consulting partner.

The first step ― an inventory of the existing plants in the rock garden ― is complete, thanks to a dozen chapter volunteers. Now it's time to start planning what to plant when the weather cools off. You can help!

Please tell us of at least one plant:

• that you would like to see in the BBG rock garden • OR ― that you grow and especially like • OR ― that you've seen others grow and you know it thrives in our climate.

All suggestions are welcome; inclusion of cultural details such as soil type, exposure, and bloom time are appreciated. The BBG rock garden has many microclimates, from dry shade, to moist areas, to hot, dry scree, so there are lots of planting possibilities.

Do keep in mind that this is a public garden, so costly rarities might not be appropriate. You don't have to limit yourself to just one plant name! Send your plant suggestions by Tuesday, September 15, to Lynn Schueler.

There are rumors of planting and weeding parties in the future. So there should be opportunities to be involved. It’s quite exciting to have an entire garden to design and plant while only doing the work you want to do.

(Photo by Lynn Schueler)

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