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March talk: Species Rhododendrons for the Rock Garden

Our March meeting is Thursday, March 10th, and will be at the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Robert Zimmerman of Chimacum Woods Rhododendron Nursery will be talking about Species Rhododendrons for the Rock Garden.

Bob Zimmerman fell in love with rhododendrons over thirty years ago. He began cultivating them on his kitchen stove and now grows species rhododendrons in his greenhouse on the Olympic peninsula.

Although hybrids offer fascinating and beautiful plants, the rhododendron species are Bob’s primary interest. Some 300 species populate the collection in his garden, providing a reliable source of seed and cuttings. He has paid particular attention to collecting plants true to the species descriptions.

Here are some pictures from Bob's website ( to whet your appetite! R. dichroanthum (above), R. moupinense, R. pseudochrysanthum, and R. keiskei (below).

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