February talk: Below Treeline: Worthy Plants in Unexpected Places by Alexander Wright

THURSDAY, February 9 Meeting at the Bellevue Botanical Garden

Our February talk will be presented by Northwestern Chapter member Alexander Wright. Alex has kindly shared a preview of some of the pictures from his talk as well as some comments:

“Going beyond crusted saxifrages and hybrid primroses doesn't have to involve weeklong treks or intercontinental flights. Botanical arcana worth including in the garden are all around us, hidden away in forgotten corners or camouflaged right under our noses. Join us for an exploration of the beautiful botanical underbelly of the Northwest, and why some places teem with the unusual and undiscovered.”

Erythronium oregonum. Already popular in local gardens, this heavily-mottled form was found less than half an hour away from our meeting location. © Alexander Wright

Valeriana scouleri. This compact lowlander is easy to grow, and is a better choice for rock gardens than the better-known species of our mountain meadows. © Alexander Wright

Castilleja thompsonii. This is an odd high-elevation form of this species, which might be more adaptable to garden culture, judging by the company it keeps. (It still hasn't been introduced, though...) © Alexander Wright

Sedum lanceolatum ssp. nesioticum. This dense little stonecrop is only found on rocky bluffs between Anacortes and Victoria, with a few outlying populations north and south. © Alexander Wright

Erythranthe dentata and Cascadia nuttallii. These delicate beauties grow on rocks with the barest cover of moss - in humid coastal gullies! © Alexander Wright

Refreshments at 7 pm, program begins at 7:30 pm.

Non-members and guests are welcome!

See you all soon!

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