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2017-2018 NARGS Seed Ex Season has Arrived!

It's the season of seeds! Lots of plant enthusiasts love to sow seeds, and doing so has many benefits including being able to select stronger and more unique clones that you can only get from growing seeds. In addition, even if the plant might normally be a little tender in your area, plants grown from seed tend to adapt to the environment in which they are grown and may be more likely to thrive.

The NARGS seed exchange is a great place to obtain hard to find seeds. Of course, it includes many rock garden plants, but also has lots of native plants from all over the world and a wide range of seeds that are not commercially available.

Our chapter member volunteers help to clean and package seed for the national NARGS seed exchange every year; there is lots of behind the scenes work involved in getting the seed out to everyone!

Hope that everyone has a great holiday season and Happy New Year!

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