NWNARGS Native Plant Spring Field Trip (Saturday, April 21)

The weekend after the NWNARGS plant sale, Alex Wright will be leading a trip to a park near Eatonville, where the ground is carpeted with thousands and thousands of Synthyris reniformis and Erythronium oregonum. Calypso bulbosa and Fritillaria affinis may also be blooming a bit off the main trail. If the group wants, we could also stop at a place on the road down to see and smell Cardamine nuttallii.

Calypso bulbosa photo by Saori Cretin

It's an easy walk with options for longer branches and loops - at its simplest, you need only walk several hundred yards off the road, with only one incline, on an old road. Further exploration could lead onto steeper and narrower trails, but even the most adventurous of us probably wouldn't experience more than 1.5 miles and 500 feet elevation gain.

This field trip will take place April 21, 2018, timing and meet up location to be determined based on participants. Email Alex for more information.

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