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July talk: Developing a New Garden in Port Ludlow by Linda Cochran

THURSDAY, July 11, 2019

Meeting at the Bellevue Botanical Garden

photos by Linda Cochran

Our July talk is chapter member Linda Cochran, who is an accomplished plantswoman and the creator of a famous garden on Bainbridge Island called Froggy Bottom, which has been featured in many publications. She now lives in Port Ludlow, near the Hood Canal Bridge on the Olympic Peninsula, considered zone 8, where she is creating a new and amazing garden. Native plants, annuals, and new ways of combining plants are among her current interests. Gardening and photography and digital art are, as one can see, her passions.

Join us at the Bellevue Botanical Garden at 7:00 pm for social time, 7:30 pm for the meeting and program. Our meetings are free and open to the public.

See you all soon!

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